How Meta-Healing can help you

Isn’t it true that when we or someone we love is diagnosed with an illness, especially a serious one, we want to know “Why?”; “Why me?”; “How did this happen to me?”?  That is certainly a natural response. Some believe that dis-ease is random or that it’s all about ‘luck’! Also, we’ve been taught to believe that when we get sick, the body is making a mistake. That kind of thinking, even though it’s part of our culture, makes us helpless victims! We put our fate and destiny into someone else’s hands and believe that drugs or medicine will fix us accepting the fact that either they will or they won’t.  End of story!

Meta-Healing goes ‘beyond’ those outdated beliefs about healing that we’ve so willingly accepted for hundreds of years. Meta-Healing puts you back in the driver’s seat where you belong. With Meta-Healing you’ll finally know why you got sick! You will realize that your body is always trying to help you survive and goes into a protection/healing mode when it knows you are in trouble because of a crisis or shock that you haven’t been able to resolve. Your body is helping you resolve that issue! Meta-Healing reflects the beliefs of the controversial M.D., Dr. R.G. Hamer, who teaches us that “Mother Nature never makes a mistake”.  Using Meta-Health Coaching and Advanced Clearing Energetics I help people realize the innate power and wisdom the body has to heal itself by teaching them to change the instructions they have inadvertently programmed onto the subconscious so that they can live authentically and be all they were meant to be in body, mind, and spirit! 

Meta-Healing will reveal to you Why you have this particular dis-ease, in this particular body part, at this particular time. Meta-Healing tells you the Root Cause of your dis-ease, and what you need to do to reverse the dis-ease/stress/trauma process that your body is responding to. We finally have the answer to “Why me?“, “Why now?“. Once this shock is resolved and we learn how to be OK with what is, we focus on supporting the body with nutrition, rest, supplements, and whatever the body needs to restore it to optimal functioning. We can then focus on the future and how to make the necessary changes that will help you become aware of what may be causing any dis-ease you may have and resolve it before your body has to.

Meta-Healing Coaching sessions go deep into the WHY and HOW of your dis-ease and the RESOLUTION of those aspects while teaching you how very intelligent your body is. You will come to see that your body reflects your subconscious mind and manifests your unresolved issues just like a computer screen manifests the programs stored in its hard-drive. Meta-Healing Coaching will not only help you heal your dis-ease, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!